Handmade Plant Seed Paper

That is something very special for all flower lovers, garden lovers: a long-lasting flower greeting from our handmade seed paper.

When the final finishing touches are done, we pack your order lovingly. After that, the parcel makes its way to you by post. 

Very nice sheets of handmade paper incorporated with different flower seeds.

100% biodegradable, this planting paper will decompose to make way for beautiful flowers.

Printing is easy with almost all inkjet printers, so this eco-friendly and original seeded paper is ideal for crafting, card making, printing and stationery in general.

Print your invitation cards, share, greeting cards or thanks on recycled, biodegradable, unique, amazing and atypical paper!

Beware, printing seed paper is impossible with a laser printer.


- lay the seed paper on the ground (in balconies or in the garden)
- cover the seed paper with fine soil or soil.
- water gently, ideally with a "spray"
- keep the soil/paper always moist for the first few weeks.
- your beautiful flowers should be here soon!

Handmade Plant Seed Paper

With the help of a paper-creation frame, we produce every single paper by hand according to the old tradition of paper creation. 

In this way, every seed paper is unique.

The fact that there are sometimes small deviations is therefore completely normal and gives our seed paper its special character. 

Plant Seed Paper
Plant Seed Paper

In order for small green miracles to emerge from our paper, one thing is missing: the right seed.

At the moment we use Lavender Seeds, Forget-me-not Seeds, Chamomile Seeds, Wildflower Seeds.

We also provide for you all the right direction to follow to make the miracle happen!